Design is the study phase of your desires, your tastes, your lifestyle and leads to the presentation of your future garden project.
We will define with you the great contours of your project, the reasons that lead you to imagine the characteristics you describe and the understanding your lifestyle. It will be for us to define with you the planning project and give you our first advice.
the preliminary study or preliminary project :
Starting point of the project.
We will put into perspective, as a sketch, the first ideas and trends from our first exchange. First harmonies, perspectives, first paths, first massifs … while paying the greatest attention to the nature of the soil, to the climatic requirements, to the topography of the ground.
The final project his phase will allow to create precisely the contours of the final project and the presentation of the project.
Whether it is a development of existing surfaces or the creation of your entire garden, the project will take into account the plants and trees already in place by integrating them into the routes, the perspectives, but will also propose new spaces and new perceptions to combine functionality and aesthetics (integration of an automatic irrigation system or lighting).
the last step of the design is to gather the quotes of companies that will intervene in the construction site to allow a global costing.