We strive to design gardens in symbiosis with what the site offers, the climate, the soil, the existing natural vegetation, the topography.
A sustainable garden is by definition likely to last a long time. It also has some stability and some resistance.
We choose the best plants to install, to last, they must be adapted to both the local climate but also to the nature of the soil of the host garden in order not only to grow, but also to draw resources necessary to develop their own natural defenses.
The Algarve offers us a multitude of trees, flowers particularly well adapted to the dry climate. Our good knowledge of the plants of Portugal and our large network of professional suppliers allows us an incredible palette of colors, scents and flavors of trees, shrubs and palms adapted to this beautiful region and the best price.
At Jardin Création Algarve, we strongly believe in the principle of “ecological resilience” and we encourage partner gardeners to maintain gardens using little or no chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides but promoting natural remedies.
We are also aware that “waste” as such does not exist in the garden and that a sustainable garden will mainly rely on the practice of recycling in the form of composting, mulching, in order to obtain the most living soil possible.
Finally, we advocate the ecological management of water, which is a precious natural resource, especially here in the Algarve. Collecting and redistributing it to the plants in the garden when they need it is easy and requires few resources. (cisterns, drip, oyas …).
We therefore advocate a “responsible” design that takes into account your most “exotic” desires while preserving the environment and natural environments.